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Oil & Inspection Services

The BMW service intervals consist of three main service groups. BMW 520D

  • Oil Service: Engine oil and filter change and additional preventative maintenance services.
  • Inspection I: Minor vehicle service
  • Inspection II: Major vehicle service.

Oil Filter Services The BPG BMW Oil Service consists of an BMW oil filter, BMW or Total motor oil, a complete under body, tire, suspension, brake and safety inspection. Top off of all fluids including power steering, windshield wiper fluid and coolant.


BMW Inspection The BPG BMW Inspection I service consists of all the items in a BPG BMW oil service plus a BMW charcoal activated cabin air filter, a cooling system pressure test, a brake fluid inspection and a battery function test.


BMW Inspection and Services The BPG BMW Inspection II goes beyond BMW dealer standards. Our signature service consists of all the items in an Inspection I service plus a BMW engine air filter, BMW fuel filter, a differential fluid flush, a transmission fluid flush for manual transmission cars. Depending on the year and model of your BMW a spark plug replacement and engine valve adjustment may be required for maintaining proper maintenance. A typical Inspection II service at your local BMW dealer does not include a fuel filter, transmission fluid flush or differential fluid flush.