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Engine Cooling System Service

Your BMW’s engine cooling system should be serviced at a minimum of every (2) two years. The anti-freeze/coolant in your BMW does more then just keep your car from overheating in the summer, or freezing in the winter. The coolant also acts as a lubricant for your water pump and the anti-corrosion package in BMW OE coolant protects the integrity of your aluminum radiator and engine. Just because your BMW isn’t overheating doesn’t mean that its being properly protected by its coolant.

Your cooling system should also be routinely pressure tested. This will expose any potential problems with your engines cooling system that may leave you and your BMW stranded. Putting the engine’s cooling system under pressure exposes hairline cracks in the radiator, overflow tank, and can expose problems in the engine itself before they become large and expensive repairs.

A coolant leak of any size needs to be addressed right away. For your cooling system to maintain its high boiling point it needs to maintain a high level of pressure inside the cooling system. A leak of any size will lower the boiling point (failure moment) of your cooling system and put your BMW’s engine at jeopardy.

The protective additive package in BMW Original coolant is second to none and it is all we use and will keep your BMW running right.